GMI Group

40 Years of Excellence:

The GMI Group is a collection of superior, quality-based industrial trade and technical organizations; servicing both the wholesale and retail economies. More than 30 years of business and manufacturing experience validate GMI's ability to meet the challenging demands of the marketplace and provide businesses around the world with a partner in productivity. Promoting specific companies toward the demographic for which they're intended market is based; while engineering effective, lasting results, continues as the building blocks of the Group's reputation.

GMI specializes in developing diverse business solutions aimed towards entrepreneurs as well as established corporations. Solutions which enhance and facilitate public image and internal productivity in the workplace through strategic use of industrial fabrication, custom manufacturing and computer/internet technologies. An extensive array of service offerings and product lines are now available worldwide, through these alliances and other membership entities :

Microsoft Partners receive enhanced benefits including prioritized access to advanced training opportunities, prioritized listing on referrals and business engagements, and advanced software technology releases. It is these and other benefits which provide the Bleeding Edge Technology difference that enhance many of the allied businesses of The GMI Group.

MB Systems provides some of the most scalable hardware platform innovations in the industry. From mainboard and case selection to electronically matched hardware and software components, every machine is custom engineered for maximum performance. In 2000, MB Systems acquired by GMI NetWork.

Advanced Canvas brings the elegant look of canvas in stylish colors to homes, apartments, and restaurants throughought the SouthEastern U.S.; their custom manufacturing facility located in Sanford Florida has been one of the major driving forces in design and execution of several state-of-the-art innovations in the awning industry for over 15 years. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Automotive, Marine.

Exousia Graphics (EGD) provides original, premium designs for unsurpassed graphic content quality. Whether you're interest is in basic design preparation or a graphically robust website created as a storefront for your business, the intellegent planning and thoughtful execution offered by their team can provide complete branding. In 2001, EGD was acquired by GMI NetWork.

GMI NetWork, a founding member of The GMI Group since 1993, continues to provide its members with Advanced Business Internet Services. Having been appointed as one of the Top 500 eCommerce Companies in the world in November 1999 as d/b/a PowerTap Internet, the operation perpetuates today as a technology leader by providing some of the best value propositions in eCommerce Engineering and Design.

MegaPac Ballasts manufactures a product line used primarily in the Television, Stage and Film industries. The GMI Group assisted in their revenue growth in 1997 by formation of their Internet Presence with the assistance of Exousia Graphics and GMI NetWork. In 2001/2002, that presence was augmented with an improved hardware array and eProcurement functions.

Mirage Customs has been redefining vehicle interiors for over 30 years with designs rivaled by only a few concept cars. Their award winning creations consistently offer automotive enthusiasts, the refinements and appointments that most auto manufacturers can't offer. Custom executive offices and home theaters with fit, finish, and impecable quality like is not available "off the shelf".